Knowledge transfer

"FH Aachen sees itself as a research university with regional, national and international networking. There is an intensive knowledge transfer between research, science, industry and society in order to strengthen the region's competitiveness." This is a statement from the current FH Aachen University Development Plan.

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No Sailor's Yarn

Ahoy! When you look at Rector Prof. Dr. Marcus Baumann, you immediately think of a genuine shellback, an experienced veteran sailor. You don't think so? Then come with us - at least in your mind - out onto the high seas!

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A success story at all levels

The Good Start to Studies is a unique cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences throughout Germany.

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A bright Idea

Institute for Microwave and Plasma Technology (IMP) develops new plasma spark plug for more economical gasoline engines

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Lord of the Rings

German civil engineer and FH Aachen alumnus Hermann Tilke is the world's number one in racetrack construction

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It's about Justice

In the mid-1980s, there was a call for greater promotion of women at FH Aachen.

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A Time of Transition

When Prof. René Flosdorff took over the office of Rector of FH Aachen in 1987, the Berlin Wall was still standing, and the thought of German unification was just as distant as the notion that the post-war world order, characterised by antagonism between East and West, was collapsing in on itself. For FH Aachen, too, it was a time of transition, far removed from the course of time.

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"Time and again, painting continues to renew itself."

The Aachen artist and FH graduate Eric Peters is one of Germany's most successful painters. The FH graduate studied product design with a focus on fashion design at the Faculty of Design and completed his degree with distinction in 1974. Read here how he came to painting after his studies.

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An Institution's Calling Card

If it is true that the main building is an institution's calling card, then FH Aachen took a big step forward in the spring of 2015: After a construction period of only a year and a half, the new main building is opened. Thanks to its shining silver façade and its prominent location at the intersection of Bayernallee/Robert-Schuman-Straße, it is visible even from afar.

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In a single stroke, science meets harsh reality. A screenplay could not describe the scene any better. Bang. The lights go out. Beamer, computer, loudspeaker system - nothing works anymore. Power failure. Blackout.

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50 Years of Corporate Design

Over the past 50 years, the university's public image has evolved from one single logo in 1971 to a successful corporate design with brand recognition. The development includes a total of four logos that have characterised the university over the past 50 years.

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Studying at FH Aachen - Then vs. Now

What makes studying at FH Aachen so special? Then as now, it is the strong practical relevance...

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Founding History of FH Aachen

"We had an open, liberal, democratic university in mind," Prof. Dr. Helmut Strehl, founding Rector of FH Aachen, recalls.

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