Successful Business Start-ups
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Successful Business Start-ups


Over the past 50 years, there have been many successful business start-ups initiated at FH Aachen - one of these success stories was written by Dr. Christian Otten with his company Lava-X, where a technology for laser beam welding in a vacuum was developed. Prof. Dr. Constanze Chwallek deals with the topic of foundation from a scientific perspective. Teaching is central to her work. She introduces her students to current developments in the field of management methods. She also supervises the TRACE programme, which FH Aachen offers in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. TRACE is short for Transforming Academic into Entrepreneurial Minds - it is about turning academics into entrepreneurs, i.e. people who develop new, unconventional business ideas and establish them on the market. In 2020, FH Aachen set up a Business Start-up Centre (Gründungszentrum), where existing ideas are to be developed, supported and brought to market maturity.

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