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In a single stroke, science meets harsh reality. A screenplay could not describe the scene any better. Bang. The lights go out. Beamer, computer, loudspeaker system - nothing works anymore. Power failure. Blackout.

More than 500 people had flocked to the FH main building that evening in 2017 to attend the event with the Austrian author Marc Elsberg, whose book "Blackout - Tomorrow Will Be Too Late" describes the scenario of the collapse of the power supply due to a hacker attack. It is the task of IT security experts such as Prof. Dr. Marko Schuba to prevent hackers from succeeding in a real attack on our electrical grid. Together with Hans Höfken and his colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, he provides the training for tomorrow's IT security elite.

Marc Elsberg presents his book "Blackout" at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

It is especially the hands-on experience from projects like Blackout that ideally prepares our students for their upcoming tasks in the profession and for society.

Prof. Dr. Marko Schuba, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Monika Brinkmann

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FH Aachen I Arnd Gottschalk

FH Aachen I Thilo Vogel

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