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From "Pioneer" of Studies Abroad to Professor


There is hardly anyone who knows the Faculty of Business Studies as well as Professor Dr. Hans Mackenstein does, because he did not just spend his student days here. By now, he can look back on 20 years of teaching at the faculty.

Professor Dr. Hans Mackenstein obtains his Diplom degree.
As one of the very first students, Professor Dr. Hans Mackenstein completed his studies with a double degree.

"The international aspect of the course of study as well as the integrated semester abroad were decisive factors in my decision to come to FH Aachen."

Prof. Dr. Hans Mackenstein

He was one of the first students to register in the German-British degree programme in Economics, and as a trailblazer, he studied at today’s Coventry University for some time, eventually earning a double degree: the Diplom-Betriebswirt at FH Aachen as well as the Bachelor of Arts Applied Economics at Coventry University.

Prof. Dr. Hans Mackenstein today at FH Aachen
Seit 2000 ist Prof. Dr. Hans Mackenstein für das Lehrgebiet International Business verantwortlich am Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften.

"I see myself as an initiator and a companion for the students, someone who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience."

Prof. Dr. Hans Mackenstein

After completing his studies and doctorate, he took on various research, consulting, and management assignments, before his path led him back to FH Aachen in 2000, when he was appointed Professor of International Business at the Faculty of Business Studies.

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