Studying at FH Aachen - Then vs. Now
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Studying at FH Aachen - Then vs. Now


Whether it be 1971 or 2021: All FH Aachen degree programmes are characterised by their high degree of practical relevance. While prospective students in the 1971/72 winter semester could choose between 12 degree programmes, the number has multiplied in 2021. The range of courses offered comprises 78 Bachelor's degree programmes, 27 Master's degree programmes, and 2 part-time MBA programmes. Many of them are offered as dual, cooperative, or part-time degree programmes.

Degree Programmes 1971

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering/Textile Chemistry
  • Design
  • Electrical Engineering (Aachen and Jülich)
  • Mechanical Engineering with a Focus on Construction Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering with a Focus on Textile Technology
  • Aircraft and Engine Construction
  • Business
  • Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Physical Technology


Degree Programmes 2021

Bachelor Degree Programmes

  • Aerospace Engineering B.Eng.
  • Applied Chemistry B.Sc. (dual as well as AOS)
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics B.Sc. (dual as well as AOS)
  • Architecture B.A.
  • Civil Engineering B.Eng.
  • Communication Design B.A.
  • Computer Science B.Sc.
  • Biomedical Engineering B.Eng.
  • Biotechnology B.Sc.
  • Business Information Systems B.Sc.
  • Business Law LL.B.
  • Business Studies B.Sc.
  • Electrical Engineering B.Eng.
  • Electrical Engineering"Sustainable Energy Technology"
  • Engineering Management B.Sc.
  • Engineering Management "Sustainable Energy Systems" B.Sc.
  • Flight Operations Engineering with Airline Pilot Training (dual) B.Eng.
  • Global Business and Economics B.Sc.
  • International Business Studies B.Sc.
  • Mechanical Engineering B.Sc.
  • Mechanical Engineering „Sustainable Energy Systems“ B.Eng.
  • Mechatronics B.Eng.
  • Media and Communications for Digital Business B.Sc.
  • Ophthalmic Optics and Optometry B.Sc. (dual)
  • Physical Engineering B.Eng.
  • Physiotherapy B.Sc. (dual, integrated training)
  • Product Design B.A.
  • Rail Vehicle Technology B.Eng.
  • Smart Building Engineering B.Eng.
  • Timber Engineering B.Eng.
  • Vehicle Drive Engineering B.Eng.

Master Degree Programmes

  • Aerospace Engineering M.Sc.
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics M.Sc.
  • Applied Polymer Science M.Sc.
  • Architecture M.A.
  • Biomedical Engineering M.Sc.
  • Biotechnology M.Sc.
  • Civil Engineering M.Eng.
  • Communication Design and Product Design M.A.
  • Electronical Engineering M.Eng.
  • Energy Economy and Informatics M.Sc.
  • Energy Systems M.Sc.
  • Engineering Management M.Sc.
  • Facility Management M.Eng.
  • Industrial Engineering M.Sc.
  • Information Systems Engineering M.Eng.
  • International Automotive Engineering M.Sc.
  • International Business Management – Customer and Service Management M.A.
  • International Business Management – Finance | Accounting | Control | TaxationM.A.
  • Mechatronics M.Sc.
  • Nuclear Applications M.Sc.
  • Product Development in Mechanical Engineering M.Eng.

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MBA Degree Programmes

  • MBA Management und Entrepreneurship (extra occupational)
  • Open Borders MBA (extra occupational) (in cooperation with the universities HEC Management School – University of Liège and University Hasselt)

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