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FH Aachen is a university of applied sciences that places great importance on giving its students the opportunity to gain practical experience in studies and teaching - for example, within the framework of student projects. Some of these projects are aimed at competing with other universities. We would like to present three construction competitions in which FH Aachen has participated.


Since 2007, there has been a group of roughly 20 FH students each year, who have dedicated themselves to the task of developing and building a racing car, drawing up business plans as well as landing suppliers and sponsors, and, thereby, getting their car to participate in the Formula Student, the "Formula 1 of Universities".

The Railway Challenge of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Railway Division in Leicestershire is all about students designing and building their own locomotive in less than a year.

Ultimately, that's what engineers do: Overcoming obstacles, and doing it under enormous time pressure.

Prof. Dr. Raphael Pfaff about the Railway Challenge

Students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering build concrete canoes and compete against other universities at the German Concrete Canoe Regatta.

Photo Credits:

FH Aachen | Arnd Gottschalk (Titelbild)
FH Aachen | Fachbereich Maschinenbau und Mechatronik (Railway Challenge)
FH Aachen | Julia Zaborowski (Betonkanu)

Monika Brinkmann

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