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In 1982, Hermann Tilke graduated from FH Aachen with a Diplom degree in civil engineering. It was here that he learnt the basics of road construction, which, besides his career as a racing driver, contributed to the success of his own company.

Racing driver Hermann Tilke combines motorsport and profession at an early stage
Today he is the world's number 1 in racetrack construction

Today, he manages the Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, a planning and construction company that operates globally. The main focus: race and test tracks for the automotive industry, but also infrastructure and building construction.

Tilke with his team at Fuji International Speedway in Japan

"When planning, it's important to be sensitive to local conditions."

Hermann Tilke

Nowadays, the Aachen office is a global leader: 21 Formula 1 race tracks have been planned and built by Tilke - and, in addition, 70 other race tracks.

Under time pressure: Tilke and his team planing possible routes

"We have to finish on time and we're always short on time. It's a fast-paced business."

Hermann Tilke, FH-Alumnus Hermann Tilke ist Bauingenieur und weltweit die Nummer eins im Rennstreckenbau


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