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Knowledge transfer


"FH Aachen sees itself as a research university with regional, national and international networking. There is an intensive knowledge transfer between research, science, industry and society in order to strengthen the region's competitiveness." This is a statement from the current FH Aachen University Development Plan.

The foundation for this network is being laid in 1984: On 28 February, FH Aachen and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce sign a cooperation agreement with the aim of providing a basis for the technology and knowledge transfer from university to industry. The university has also entered into a cooperation agreement with the Aachen Chamber of Trade, and numerous bilateral agreements with companies have been added in the course of the expansion of the dual study programmes. Awarding theses, practical projects, endowed professorships, sponsorships of lecture halls, scholarships - there are numerous fields in which the university cooperates with local business enterprises.

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