In the service of beauty

In the service of beauty


FH graduate Horst Robertz is head of the international cosmetics company Babor. In the 90s, he began his Chemical Engineering course of study at FH Aachen. At the same time, the FH student worked as a laboratory technician at Babor. In his degree dissertation, he developed an environmentally friendly process that is still being used today to clean cream residues from boilers. After his studies, he joined Babor as a project engineer. After three years, Robertz left Babor to take on new professional challenges. In the food industry and in other cosmetics companies, Robertz got to know a wide variety of corporate cultures. Until his journey led him back to Babor - catapulting him straight to the executive floor. Since 2008, Robertz has been Babor's managing director.

An insight into the Aachen cosmetics company Babor: the pipes of the wastewater facility. FH graduate Horst Robertz (left), Managing Director of Babor, already worked at Babor as a student. When a problem arose with the wastewater, he developed, in his degree dissertation, an environmentally friendly process for cleaning cream residues from boilers. It is still being used today.


Monika Brinkmann

Photo Credits:

Horst Robertz: Krentz
Wastewater facility: Olaf Rohl


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