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Having a beer with a director

In 2016, Shawn Bu achieved a huge success with his final thesis at the Faculty of Design: the Star Wars fan film “Darth Maul: Apprentice” with currently 29 million views on YouTube.

At the moment, Bu is working on his first series, which will be released on Netflix. That is why it was quite difficult for him to meet up for an interview. There seems to be no end to his working days, but, eventually, we did meet up in a bar to have a beer.

My dream: to make films and series. Sometimes the difference between work and free time is not that big.

Shawns brother, YouTuber Julien Bam, who is the protagonist of the series, is also on board. One filming location: FH Aachen! The production company Load-Studios, whose managing director is Dr. Georg Ramme, FH graduate of the Faculty of Business Studies, is part of the project as well.

Have a look at Shawns Star Wars fan film "Darth Maul: Apprentice" on YouTube!


Monika Brinkmann

Photo Credits:

FH Aachen | Arnd Gottschalk


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