Katschhof Aachen

Come with us on a journey through FH Aachen´s history!

50 years of FH Aachen. In these five decades, the university has written many stories. So many people – teaching staff, employees, students - have contributed to making FH Aachen the university it is today. In this exhibition, we have prepared 50 stories from the last 50 years of FH Aachen for you.

The exhibition will be opened at a vernissage on 05 October 2021 and will be on view on Aachen's Katschhof until 26 October 2021.

Stop by and come with us on a journey through time, reminisce with us about the early years when the newly founded university was struggling to find its identity; get to know successful graduates who have forged their own path; discover projects from teaching and research that continue to make FH Aachen a little better every day.

By the way: We have something in store for your little ones as well.

We thank our anniversary partners as well as our event partners: