Katschhof Talk & Swing

23. October 2021

Joint Celebration of FH and Medienhaus

The weather couldn't have been any nicer - it was, indeed, perfect on the occasion of the joint invitation by FH Aachen and Medienhaus Aachen to the event "50 Years FH Aachen l 50 Stories Live on Katschhof l The Anniversary Talk". This event marked one of the highlights of the festive year celebrating the university's 50th birthday - it was part of the "50 Stories" exhibition, which was on display on Katschhof from October 5 to 26. Bernd Büttgens, Head of Public Relations at Medienhaus Aachen, and Prof. Dr. Roger Uhle, Press Officer at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, along with the guests, reflected on the beginnings, but also on the present and future of the university.

A Look Back at the History of the University

This look back featured a short film about Prof. Hermann Josef Buchkremer, Rector of FH Aachen from 1991 to 2005, and his former colleague Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gisela Engeln-Müllges, former Vice Rector, now Deputy Chairwoman of the University Council and Honorary Senator of the University. Prof. Buchkremer praised the work of Prof. Engeln-Müllges, stating that she had brought research and development at the university to a top level. She, too, spoke glowingly of the 15-year collaboration with Prof. Buchkremer: "We worked together with tremendous acceptance. He regarded me as his equal, it was like the dual leadership of a party."

The Future of FH Aachen Discussion

At the anniversary talk that followed, the focus was turned, once again, ahead: Hilde Scheidt, Mayor of the City of Aachen, Prof. Dr. Bernd Pietschmann, Rector of FH Aachen, Thomas Thelen, Editor-in-Chief of AZ/AN, Dr. Christian Becker, Member of the Board at STAWAG, and Dr. Andreas Meyer, Managing Director at the company INFORM, talked with Bernd Büttgens and Professor Uhle about the future of Aachen as a city of science. Hilde Scheidt emphasised: "It is important to carry on Aachen's educational tradition. The universities make our city vibrant and attractive. This treasure shall be preserved and the joint projects expanded. The city wants to move into the future with new concepts for the environment and modern urban development. Close cooperation with the excellent FH Aachen is a very important factor in this." Dr Christian Becker said: " With FH Aachen as a partner, we have launched many projects together. I hope and expect that we can further implement the know-how transfer in our businesses as well." The good cooperation of FH Aachen with the regional businesses and industry was also emphasised by Dr Andreas Meyer: "We are constantly in need of new people who have been trained well, especially those with a technical background. We are in the pole position here to reach them. We have had very good experiences with FH students."

Insight into FH Aachen's Research Fields of the Future

Over the course of the afternoon, the audience was provided with an insight into the research fields of the future: In her brief lecture, Prof. Dr. Isabel Kuperjans, head of the NOWUM-Energy Institute, offered an insight into biogas research. Prof. Dr. Marko Schuba, head of the subject area of data networks, IT security and IT forensics, dealt with IT security in his lecture "Cybersecurity and Digitalisation - inextricably linked".

FH graduate Tim Host gave a speech about his path from student to founder of the company EMSU GmbH. This company offers solutions for successful and smart product placement in the retail sector. Especially the practical semester during his studies helped him to embark on the path of founding a company. FH Rector Prof. Pietschmann responded enthusiastically to Host: "As a university, we aim for students to be able to start their careers right away. Meanwhile, we have established a Start-up Centre for founders. Seeing something like this, just makes me so proud!"

Panel Discussion with Students

At the end of the event, four FH students from different faculties gave an insight into their studies. Alina Ganser from the Faculty of Business Studies, Sascha Halabut from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Maren Seifert from the Faculty of Design, and Tim Tomic from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering praised the strong practical orientation of FH Aachen, the family atmosphere and the high degree of interdisciplinarity of their degree programmes.

Musical entertainment was provided by the FH Aachen Big Band "Full House" under the direction of Boris Bansbach. For some of the numerous visitors, this was a good reason to dance to the rhythm of the music. A successful highlight of the celebrations of this 50-year young university right in the centre of Aachen.

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FH Aachen I Björn Richardt

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