Foreword by the rector

12. January 2021

Dear readers,

FH Aachen is turning 50 years old. We would like to cordially invite you to celebrate this anniversary together with us. Our celebratory year has the motto "Wissen ist Silber. Machen ist Gold." (which translates as "Knowing is Silver. Doing is Gold."), and just as in a piece of fine jewellery, it is the combination of silver and gold, of expert knowledge and practical application, that makes for that special radiance.

Over the past 50 years, our FH Aachen has written many stories. A lot of people - teaching staff, employees, students - have contributed to making us one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Germany when it comes to teaching and research. On this page, we have prepared 50 stories from five decades of FH Aachen for you.

We would like to invite you, dear readers, to join us on a journey through time. Reminisce about the early years with us, when the newly founded university was struggling for its self-image; get to know successful graduates who have come a long way; discover projects from teaching and research with which we are still making FH Aachen a little bit better every day.

At this point, we would also like to provide you with a clear preview of the events that await you in our celebratory year. The experiences of 2020 have taught us that, in times of a pandemic, improvisation takes the place of planning, and that flexibility helps in tackling new challenges. At this time, we do not know which events we will be able to offer this year - what is certain, however, is that we will always keep you informed on this page, and that you will always find preliminary information in the Event section.

Of course, there are a lot more than 50 stories worth telling. We would, therefore, like to express our sincere thanks to each and everyone who has contributed to FH Aachen over the last 50 years. Please remain favourably disposed towards us, celebrate our anniversary year with us, and join us as we move into the future.

We wish you an enjoyable read!

Your Professor Dr. Marcus Baumann
Rector of FH Aachen

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FH Aachen | Björn Richardt

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